AL HOTY STANGER LTD CO. is committed to continual improvement of processes and services to:

  • Consistently provide the quality testing services that confirm to customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that all personnel are competent and qualified for the tasks they perform, and that all personnel familiarize themselves with the quality system documentation in order to implement the policies and procedures in their work.
  • Professional and effectively perform the testing services to produce accurate and precise results.
  • Consistently comply with ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC17025 Quality Management Systems to ensure quality in our services and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Annually reviewed for its continuing suitability.
  • Serves as a framework for establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives.
  • Ensure that personnel perform tasks in accordance to Impartiality & Confidentiality.

Overall, it is the goal of AL HOTY STANGER LTD. CO. to encourage all the employees for their active participation in providing quality services to our customers.